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MTC is not a traditional track club. Its success records as related to its priority goals and objectives are as follows:
 • Through its designed program, MTC has increased the proportion of its members' experiences leading to success, thereby enhancing their total outlook, in general. 

• Through the MTC program, youth have been taken from communities where delinquency, drug abuse, and other social ills prevailed and were enabled to modify their developmental process to such a degree that they did not become enmeshed in the patterns of failure or adversity in which they were surrounded. 

• In 1984, nine MTC members graduated from high school.  Of this number, eight are attending college and one is in the military.  The eight that are in college are there through track and field athletic scholarships.
We are striving to instill in the minds of the MTC youth a "SUCCESS" philosophy, and to date we have been very successful in our efforts.  Our "SUCCESS" philosophy does not mandate victory over others; it only mandates the achievement of victory over self.  We do not measure them by the depth from which each of them has come. 

The youth's performance and progress are compared with their own past performances and not with the performance of other youth members.  Through MTC’s program design, youth's experiences leading to success and recognition have been significantly increased.  We have found that by increasing the opportunities for achievement and recognition, youth have enhanced their esteem, character, reliance and confidence in themselves and others.
Lastly, to date, 90% of MTC youth who went on to vocational schools or colleges have successfully completed their educational requirements.  For each of the last 40 years MTC can document youth that are working toward their college degrees.  

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